A Message From Our Founder

August 23, 2022

Hello my name is Kaylea Thomas, I am the Founder and one of the Leaders at Pause People Collective.

In short – I want to help.

Each day when I wake, I get up with a fire in my belly to talk to people with honesty, an open heart and through eyes of compassion which allows me to empower individuals in their daily lives.

It all started a couple of years ago when I decided to switch the focus of my awareness towards my own mental health and wellbeing. I am like many others; I was rushing so fast through life that pausing even for a moment felt impossible. I offered myself little space or time to reflect on the impacts that my own choices were having on myself and others around me.

But that is exactly what I did – I paused. I learnt, and I am still learning, many wonderful and interesting steps that I promised to myself I would spend each day sharing with others in my community, so I can help them move towards a more abundant and rebalanced future.

Life can be a difficult place to navigate, whether alone or with those around you but the solutions are often not as complex as we might be making them. Instead, I strongly believe in the power of simple core human values that seem to have disappeared over time. The simple acts of kindness, the purity of honesty, the blessing of human connection and how the true nature of empathy can really help someone more than we realise. We should take the time to be there for one another – more. It’s as simple as that.

Pause People Collective is built on exactly that. We are a business that takes a few simple, fundamental elements of our human toolbox and ensure that these run like DNA through every action that we take within our Pause People Community. We hope to inspire others through an understanding that the solutions might just be far simpler than we realise.

Warmest wishes,