A Flexible Energy Contract:

July 7, 2022

These are contracts typically designed with an energy buying strategy in mind.

The unit price you pay changes depending on what the market is doing – if the market price rises, so will your unit price. The advantages and disadvantages of these contracts are obvious, and whilst some like taking the gamble that prices can fall, others prefer to not take such a chance.

There are also different types of flexible energy contracts but this would take too much of your precious time to explain on here. So please reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

Pause People Tip: If you consume over 500,000 kWh we would recommend exploring this option.

Why would I want to take this type of contract?

  • Take advantage of the wholesale market ups and downs, with the aim of buying energy during price dips.
  • Enables you to buy energy in bits (clips) so that you can smoothen your energy price.
  • Spread the risk of purchasing energy to multiple purchasing points.
  • Allow for more functionality than fixed contracts.
  • In some cases you can purchase alongside other businesses, providing additional buying power.

Why would I not want to take this type of contract?

  • This is a riskier contract option due to the volatility of the energy market.

Always ensure you have a team you can trust to trade the energy for you.