Why Pause People?

Life can often feel overwhelming. There’s always something else to do, tasks to keep on top of, other people and our relationships to take good care of, all while trying to look after ourselves the best we can, oh and making choices. A lot of choices!

In fact, did you know, it's estimated that the average adult makes more than 35,000 choices per day?! That’s 2,000 per hour and 1 choice every 2 seconds!

With so many choices to make, we've evolved pretty well so that we make most choices automatically without any consideration at all. That's great, because it saves us a whole load of time - hurrah we can get more done in the day! But with that, we lost the moments in between to check-in with ourselves and one another and ask ourselves - are we making the highest choices for ourselves, for those around us and for our planet?

The impacts of unconscious choice making are ever increasingly unfolding, in the imbalances we see across our planet and the natural cycles and energy balances that keep everything surviving and thriving!

OK - but do we have other choices, is there another way towards creating a rebalanced future? Yes! And it's the simplest, most sustainable choice that you will have ever come across...

Take a Moment to Pause

At Pause People we believe that the best choices and solutions available to us emerge from taking a moment of pause.

Whether alone, with our friends, or our Teams at work - this pause creates a space. It reduces the overwhelm of information that often comes our way and it can transition us from fixating on our usual way of problem solving. Instead, we can access intuitive understanding and solutions.

Think about it - have some of your best ideas come from when you pause for a moment in the shower?

At Pause People, we support people to pause - to gain clarity about where they are and to become more aware of their choices. So that we can then collaborate and create a more conscious way forward, as individuals, businesses and communities.

The Art of Reflection

We often forget the true value of reflection - to examine our actions and choices, past present and future.

This increases our awareness so that we can more clearly see the optimal route forward for a given situation, challenge, target or goal.

As we reflect, we facilitate positive change for ourselves, for those around us and for our planet as we move forward.

The Power of Connection

Connection and collaboration are founding principles of successful, diverse and resilient communities. We see this reflected in nature and in many wonderful communities around the world. It is a reminder of the invaluable sense of human connection, within ourselves and with others.

With renewed clarity about our optimal route forward, we believe in the value of connecting you with trusted and like-minded people to support you on your journey.

Often, many core human values have been lost within business, so we have aligned ourselves with people that lead with purpose and are ready to support you in fulfilling your goals to achieve real change.

This is why Pause People Collective exists. We support you in taking a moment to pause so that you can move forward with clarity and with like-minded people towards a more sustainable and abundant future.